High-tech warehouse complex NOVUS, Kiev

Project start: 2017
Project status:

Construction work in progress, the facility is being actively built.

Installation of reinforced concrete structures has begun.

Project name: High-tech warehouse complex NOVUS
Who we are in this project:

General designer at all stages of design - from concept to construction

High-tech warehouse complex with different temperature regimes (from shock freezing to groceries), mezzanines for agro-industrial complex and other office premises for 120 people, with open combined (underground) parking for 74 cars. 

Total area - 63 662.94 m2

Useful area - 63 157.3 m2

The facility was designed together with partners - the Estonian design company Nord Projeсt, commissioned by Novus Ukraine LLC.
The project has introduced the experience of European logistics centers and advanced industrial refrigeration technologies using carbon dioxide CO2 as a refrigerant.



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