Shopping center 'South Gallery', Simferopol

Project start: 2011 August
Project status:


The construction of the facility is completed.


Project name: Shopping center 'South Gallery', Simferopol
Who we are in this project:


General designer in common with:

  • "R T I Associates Ltd ".


Address: Kievskaya Street 189, Simferopol
Customer: Ltd. "Voyage of the Crimea"


The shopping center 'South Gallery' is the capital of shopping in Simferopol. Brands and advertising activities attract a local audience, which appreciates coziness, comfort and quality – and it is going on at the city's most vibrant highway.  The shopping center 'South Gallery' is an epicenter of fashionable novelties, useful discounts and sales for customers, and the entertainment for children and adults in addition to the shopping is always interesting and of current interest.

Due to the variety of stores, service of the European standards, regular discounts and special offers the shopping center 'South Gallery' is able to satisfy Simferopol citizens’ and guests’ needs in shopping and recreation.


Kievskaya Street 189, Simferopol

Opening date:

First line - 4 quarter 2009

Second line -  1 quarter 2013

Developer - Arricano Real Estate

Architect – RTI

Building area:

First line - 13 000 m2
Second line -  19 000 m2


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