Сar showroom with administrative and office spaces, social and trade infrastructure, Kiev

Project start: June 2013
Project status:


Development of documentation stage "D"

Project name: Сar showroom with administrative and office spaces, social and trade infrastructure
Who we are in this project:


General designer of the concept and stage "Project" in conjunction with:

DPI-U2 Arkkitehdit" (Финляндия);
"FMC-Group" (Финляндия).


Author's supervision.

Address: Kiev, The intersection of the street Lajos Havre and the Moscow prospectus
Customer: Ltd. "Mezokred Holding"

The project involves the construction of the largest car dealership in Ukraine. High engineering technologies are embodied in the project by qualified specialists.

The object of design refers to the objects of public buildings along the avenue Obolonsky. The territory of the allotted site is in the immediate vicinity of the station. Metro "Petrivka", Tula Square at the intersection of the street. Bogatyrskaya, Ave. Moscow, and the railway (station "Kiev-Petrovka") on the shore lake Jordanian.

The car showroom was designed as a three-story building with an underground floor for car repairs and a roofed warehouse adapted for the storage of new cars.

The car showroom with an area of ​​12000m2 includes exhibition halls, a service area, car washes, a boutique of accessories and warehouses. The service area is equipped with 75 service stations.

The project provides for external artistic lighting of the object and lighting of the adjacent territory, additional planting of trees and bushes, as well as the arrangement of flower beds and lawns.

The strengthening of the shoreline is designed by dowels along the boundary of the allotted area. In the coastal zone, there is an embankment with walking and recreational zones stretching from a residential area along the street. Lajos Gavro to the underground passage on Moskovsky Prospekt.

The proposed transport scheme for servicing the territory provides convenient access from the main thoroughfares. Concentration of public transport stops provides a convenient way to get visitors to any of the entrances to the auto show. The main entrances and exits to the territory of the complex are realized from the side of Moskovsky Avenue and st. Lajos Havro.

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